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About Us

At Stardust guitars, we strive to find the finest instruments we can and make them available to you.
We pride ourselves on integrity and knowledge. We strive to make buying from us the best instrument
purchase experience you have ever had. We have a great love for Guitars, Amplifiers, and all musical instruments. We know what makes an instrument special, and we work hard to find those gems. A great
instrument should speak to you. You should never want to put it down. It goes without saying that
at Stardust guitars our inventory of guitars, amps, and other stringed instruments reflects this.

Truly great instruments, the ones you keep forever, are the ones that become a part of you, and we
will work hard to make sure the guitar, amplifier, or other instrument you buy from us is just such
an instrument. All of the guitars and amps we carry are high quality professional instruments. We
will not stock guitars or amps that do not meet our high standards.

We are always buying, and pay top prices for vintage and professional quality guitars, amps
and other stringed instruments. We welcome trades.